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Yobo SG/FC Dual (NES + Genesis Clone)

$50.00 Released January, 2007

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Cheap replacement for a dead NES unit. Cheap replacement for a dead Sega.

The Cons:Not fully NES compatible. Uses Genesis controllers.

The Yobo SG/FC Combines the 8 bit FC (NES Clone) with a Sega Genesis allowing you to play the NES Titles and the Sega Genesis titles as well. There are no reports of any Sega compatibility problems, there are some problems with the controllers as the unit uses a Genesis controller and the NES functions are sometimes different or awkward.

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    cheap replacement for a dead NES unit

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    cheap replacement for a dead Sega

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    Not fully NES compatible

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    Uses Genesis controllers

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tmk: #yobo_sg_fc_dual_nes_genesis_clone I love this system but the controllers really suck. i bought mine 6 months ago and in the 1st week 1 controller broke(The part that controls direction) and just the other day the other controller broke the same way and no I was not being hard on it. the 1st time it broke i was playing mario 1 and the second time I was playing the very 1st Zelda, games that arent too hard. and what the person posted above is not true as You cannot use a genesis controller on this system, it doesnt fit however it does have the same layout as a genesis controller. That is why I am mad right now because I am out my entire system because this company does not sell just controllers(Like I want to invest more money in the cheap flimsy ones they make for this one anyways) and I cant buy a used Genesis controller from the Goodwill or something that would hold up 100 times better than these controllers. If your gonna buy one of these systems buy the NES/SNES one because SNES controllers work on that system so If you break the cheap controllers you can pick up a SNES controller at Goodwill for a couple of bucks no big deal. Oct 11, 08
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