Toy Buddies Vinyl Jumbo Football Dog Toy


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Anonymous: #toy_buddies_vinyl_jumbo_football_dog_toy my border collie will only plasy with this ball. i have tried a large variety since petsmart discontinued this item. i've taken everything back. i need this ball. why was this dicontinued and who now carries them!!! Aug 17, 13
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Anonymous: #toy_buddies_vinyl_jumbo_football_dog_toy WHY CAN'T I BUY THESE? I HAVE BOUGHT THEM FOR YEARS FROM PETSMART Aug 22, 12
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  • Anonymous

    Anonymous: I am having the same problem. I need these for my GSD? Anyone know where to find them? Jul 10, 13

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous: I need them too for my GS/Collie Mix. He is playing with shredds and it's the only toy he likes to play catch with. :(
    Jul 15, 13

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