The Rebel Sell

$20.00 Released December, 2004

Product Shot 1Subtitle: Why the culture can't be jammed. In this provocative book from two Canadian philosophy professors, the argument is put forth that counter-culture, the movement that seeks to fight against the tide of increasing consumerism, is actually the biggest driver of consumerism.

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Product Shot 2 Andrew Potter and Joseph Heath examine the beginning of the counter-culture phenomenon with the hippies in the 60s and how it's evolved over the past 40 years to such landmark publications as Naomi Klein's No Logo and Adbusters.

The US title of the book is Nation of Rebels: Why Counterculture Became Consumer Culture

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dakalvia: #the_rebel_sell This book sounds interesting...I think I agree with the argument proposed in this book. I do a lot of ranting and raving about "hippies" and "counter-culture" and how they are the biggest conformists in society. For example, if everyone in your high school is dressing up in the goth/emo/80s look HOW THE HELL does that promote individuality. "I am just expressing myself"--C'MON!!!! To "express" themselves as "individuals" they all shop at the same stores, have the same makeup, listen to the same music, the same is utter consumerism bullshit!!!! If you really want to be an individual, wear what you want to wear rather than what everybody else says is "cool" or the media pushes down your throat as being "hip". For example, I love my rubberboots, and I wear them with pride. Mar 8, 07
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