The Protector (2006)

Elephants are the excuse in this movie to send Tony Jaa running up walls, crushing bones, and ramming his knees through people's jaws.  The excuse doesn't matter, it's the bone crushing anybody cares about, and The Protector has it in spades.

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Omar: #the_protector_2006 There's one shot in this movie that defies all expectations. When I became fully aware of the insanity that was being displayed before me, my jaw opened and has yet to shut. In a ridiculously amazing 4-minute sequence Tony Jaa beats the crap out of dozens of henchmen in a most spectacular way. The fact that it's all done in ONE SHOT just drives it to unparalleled levels of craziness. Don't worry about the plot, it's so bad that it actually becomes funny. It's like one of those movies you'll Bart and Homer watching in the Simpons ans Bart will turn to Homer and ask "What the heck just happened?" and Homer replies with "I don't know.." Ya, it's that bad. But man, it's totally worth it. The action scenes are out of this world, and can't be missed by any action movie fan. Sep 19, 06
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