The Black Parade

$15.00 Released October, 2006
The Black Parade is the third studio album from New Jersey rockers My Chemical Romance. Like their other two albums, this is a concept album. Its theme centers around the character "the Patient" who dies at a young age of cancer.

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Released internationally October 23rd, 2006 (October 24th in the US).

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Acorns Of Doom
Acorns Of Doom: #the_black_parade Just so everyone knows they are nothing near Emo. They post modern hardcore punk, Officialy, and besides emo sucks. And also to add the black parade is ht best album they have put out to date. I wasnt a big fan untill this one was released. Its the first of there albums that I own. They have major Queen and thursday sounds even a lil bit of an ELO sound with layered vocals and what not. Oct 31, 06
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Erik: #the_black_parade I decided to give MCR a shot after seeing them on SNL this week. They performed "The Black Parade" and "Cancer". The thing is, these are by far the strongest songs on the album and offer a significantly different sound. Why don't they do more of what they're doing right in these two songs? Instead, they seem to decay into a boring, obnoxious blend of emo, hardcore, and clutter. Download Cancer and The Black Parade, and put them on your playlist/mix instead. Oct 23, 06
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