The Beatles - LOVE

$14.00 Released November, 2006

Product Shot 1The Beatles - LOVE is an album consisting of remixed Beatles songs by producer George Martin and his son Giles, made as a soundtrack to the Cirque du Soleil show of the same name.  Unlike many "remixed" albums, such as "Let It Be Naked", this is not a simple remastering of the original Beatles songs, but rather a complete rearrangement of a wide variety of the original Beatles tracks spanning their entire career, which are seamlessly mixed together into 26 original tracks.

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gezortenplotz: #the_beatles_love After following George Martin's thoughts in the book 'Behind The Glass' (about the high-powered sound engineers behind the hits), I bought this CD. What this CD seems to be is a showcase of George Martin's contributions to the Beatles. The background instrumentals and sound effect mixing board sliders are pushed up & you get to hear what George Martin put into the mix all those years ago. If you're looking for the traditional 2 seconds of silence in between Beatles tracks, you won't find it on this CD; the CD is more of a stream of consciousness type of deal. Martin and his son find songs in the Beatle catalog that have drum rhythms, musical keys and instrument backings that are similar and then they morph them back and forth between the songs. When you realize that Sargeant Pepper was done only with overdubs on a 4-track tape recorder, you realize the recording genius of George Martin. I think this CD was his chance to go back into the old Beatles material and play with it again, using all modern recording tools. Feb 12, 07
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Erik: #the_beatles_love I hear some songs off of this album on the radio every so often. Very cool. Each song seems to start as one Beatles track and then slowly evolves into another as some crazy remix. Feb 7, 07
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