Steadicam Merlin

Add a professional feel to all of your video projects with a Steadicam. Your audience will thank you once you remove all of that camera jitter. When coupled with a new HD camcorder and a MacBook Pro running iMovie HD, you have the potential to create something really special.

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itsnotvalid: #steadicam_merlin I think the steadiness come from the fact that moving the hand would only change the height of the camera. Nov 23, 07
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Erik: #steadicam_merlin It's more than a heavy piece of metal (isn't all metal heavy anyway??). Actually, it weighs only 12.8 oz. The "steadiness" comes from the geometry by lowering the center of gravity and creating a large moment arm. That's right, I'm an engineer. Jul 19, 06
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Omar: #steadicam_merlin This thing is pretty sweet and watching home movies would be a million times more enjoyable if this were used. However, $800 is a lot of friggin money for something that amounts to little more than a heavy piece of metal. I'd just take this idea and make my own with some duct tape. Nobody watching a movie ever sees the camera anyway. Jul 19, 06
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