Sonic Grenade


Product Shot 1Because of the Sonic Grenade, the modern office place is no longer a sanctuary of peace and quiet with the only audible sound being the clickety-clacks of the keyboard and the humming of the fluorescent lights.

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Pull the pin, toss the grenade in your "enemies" cube, and wait 20 seconds. The Sonic Grenade will go off letting out a continuous sound that can only be stopped by reinserting the pin. Now, who has the pin? You do.

Made of hard rubber and plastic, and comes with three volume settings. Find it on ThinkGeek.

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KD1964: #sonic_grenade I agree, wicked cool! Feb 28, 07
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David: #sonic_grenade Man, that's freakin' awesome. Feb 14, 07
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Special K
Special K: #sonic_grenade Grenades are just one of those things that guys find cool, regardless of what they are actually intended to do. The idea of a harmless throw-able grenade to be used in the office?? You gotta love that!! I can't wait to see someone jump on top of one of these bad boys with their helmet in attempt to be a "sonic hero". Feb 11, 07
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Erik: #sonic_grenade I love grenades, what can I say? But the chances of me ever getting to use one is about 0.1%. Those odds just improved. Feb 10, 07
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