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Silicone Food Sleeve


Product Shot 1 The Pros:Easy, clean eating.

Eating can be messy, and whether you're a fan of handheld food or not, no one likes dirty fingers. The food sleeve lets you eat the sloppiest of meals while maintaining a tad of decorum by letting the food slip out without getting onto your hands.

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It'll also let you eat the food while it's hot since you don't need to wait for it to cool down before chowing down. Great for on-the-go eating or outdoor BBQ's. The fact that they're dishwasher and microwave-safe make it easier to use these sleeves than not.

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    easy, clean eating


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J430Y: #silicone_food_sleeve YAY TACOS FOR LUNCH!!! Mar 19, 07
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Erik: #silicone_food_sleeve Tacos have this incredible hypnotic effect on your senses and sensibilities. Yes, Taco, I will do anything you say. Feb 12, 07
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jumbybay: #silicone_food_sleeve You know, it seems a little cheesy, but I'm oddly drawn to this thing. And now I'm hungry for tacos. Feb 12, 07
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Amanie: #silicone_food_sleeve I loathe messy hands, so these are a great solution. It's way better than constantly having to wipe your hands on a napkin (which I obsessively do between every bite). Feb 12, 07
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