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Shea Body Butter-The Body Shop


Product Shot 1 The Pros:Great moisturizer.

The Cons:Smell is too strong.

Shea Butter is nature's way of moisturizing even the dryest of skins. It has a melting point that is low enough, that when it touches your skin your own body heat causes it to melt and get absorbed right into your pores.

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The Body Shop gets their shea butter from a women's association in Northern Ghana, ensuring a fair price for more than 400 women.

Product Shot 2 Available in 2 sizes:
1.7 oz Mini Body Butter- $8.00
6.9 oz Body Butter- $17.00

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    Great moisturizer

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    Smell is too strong

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J430Y: #shea_body_butter_the_body_shop I received this for Christmas and I have more lotions pilled up in a draw that I will just never use, but the body butter from the body shop stays outside on my nightstand because I do use it every morning and that is it. I do not have to use it at night because I am still moisturized. I really like the strawberry smell and you will too if you like sweet smells. It is nice to because instead of warring an overwhelming perfume I have a nice scent so I am not killing everyone with the perfume that I am warring. Mar 1, 07
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Stylez: #shea_body_butter_the_body_shop Yeah- dry skin makes me hate winter! Jan 31, 07
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Whipdaddy: #shea_body_butter_the_body_shop This stuff is an excellent alternative to using massage oils which can sometimes be messy and ruin your sheets!! Every girl I have ever given a back massage to using this seems to never forget the scent coupled with my hands. I'm assuming the scent is what keeps them coming back for more. ;) Jan 26, 07
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ruthers: #shea_body_butter_the_body_shop I have the papaya one and I find it too oily for some reason. The smell is very strong. All I can say is that I prefe Dove lotion more. Jan 26, 07
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Amanie: #shea_body_butter_the_body_shop This stuff REALLY moisturizes, that's for sure. My only complaint would be the super strong smell. Jan 26, 07
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KD1964: #shea_body_butter_the_body_shop I bought this in December after the sales representative convinced me that this is one of the best lotions she has ever tried. I said cynically, "You are just saying that because you work here," in which she replied, "I put it on in the morning and I don't have to remoisturize for the rest of the day, take it or leave it." I tried some in the store, and i loved how it was subtly fragrant and left my hands smooth. It has 12 different flavors (scents). When I put my hands in it, it has the texture of butter, it feels very smooth, but it is not oily and doesn't leave my skin feeling oily or heavy. It's luxurious! Jan 26, 07
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