Schoolhouse Rock! Rocks

$10.00 Released April, 1996
Featuring artists such as Blind Melon, Better than Ezra, Moby and the legendary Daniel Johnston, this CD features covers of songs made famous by the Schoolhouse Rock cartoons of the 70s.  Teaching various lessons in grammar, math and history, Schoolhouse Rock educated and entertain many people throughout the years, and this CD allows any child of the 70s or 80s to remember the good times of their childhood.

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Special K
Special K: #schoolhouse_rock_rocks Here is an SNL spoof called "Conspiracy Theory Rock" that never aired because Lorne Micheals said it "didn't work comically", however since it is attacking companies like GE for buying tv stations like NBC, it is more likely Lorne wanted to keep his job! Mar 2, 07
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Special K
Special K: #schoolhouse_rock_rocks Hmm..strange... a day after i link this video it disappears...hmmm.... i wonder if it's a coincidence also that if you turn the figure 8 sideways, it makes infinity... Feb 16, 07
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Special K
Special K: #schoolhouse_rock_rocks I can't say i have heard any of these tracks, but I've loved Schoolhouse Rock for a long time. However, I did find a very interesting video/cover by Elliott Smith. Feb 15, 07
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