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Princess Crown

$15.00 Released January, 1997

Product Shot 1 The Pros:One on one battles unlike odin sphere.

The Cons:Only came out in japan.

The game is a side-scroller with a medieval setting, and features real-time combat. It is possible to learn certain moves or button combinations which perform special attacks. As with many RPGs, experience points, money, and various items are obtained by defeating enemies.

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Princess Crown begins with a little girl and her grandmother. The girl picks up a book and her grandmother starts reading the story of Princess Gradriel. The player then takes on the role of Gradriel throughout her adventure. After completing the story of Princess Gradriel, more books become available, which allow playing as other characters.

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    One on one battles unlike odin sphere.

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    Only came out in japan

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hotspot: #princess_crown

this game is supposed to be the spiritual prequel to the game odin sphere which is what got my interest in this game, but sadly it's only in japanese

Ps. Princess Gradriel bears a striking resemblence to la pucelle tactic's princess eclair.

Jun 12, 08
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