Prada Logo Belt

$295.00 Released August, 2006
I'm not sure which is worse - the gigantic gold buckle or the fact that the Prada logo is so big it can be seen from across the universe. Actually, I can tell you which is worse - from Neiman Marcus: "Due to high demand, a customer may order no more than three units of this item every thirty days.

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" Who is ordering these things? And who is ordering 3 every 30 days? Is this some kind of new exclusive club - the Prada Gold Club: 3 in 30. I guess subtlety is truly out of style, yes, we all know your belt cost three hundred dollars, congratulations!

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Erik: #prada_logo_belt SNAP! I thought Amanie's description was quite poignant, though, malaysia. I just checked, there are three man-made objects visible from space: the Great Wall of China, the Egyptian Pyramids, and this Prada logo belt. Feb 7, 07
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Omar: #prada_logo_belt Ouch... the couture crowd sure is touchy! Don't hold back malaysia, tell us how you really feel. Feb 7, 07
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malaysia: #prada_logo_belt Thank God you can read or you wouldn't notice quality at all. Their belts are about the only item they display the name. Guess your not ordering three... can't afford it ? Bet if someone GAVE you one - you'd wear the hell out of it. You sound like a frustrated retail associate. Get another job and a life and leave couture to the rest of us. Feb 7, 07
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Amanie: #prada_logo_belt Seeing as I tagged this product as ridiculous, I think Prada would question my helpfulness as a publicity rep. Sep 1, 06
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jboo77: #prada_logo_belt spamalama ding dong. Spam somewhere else, prada publicity rep. Sep 1, 06
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