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Perhaps one of the most notorious downgrades in ever in Astronomy, Pluto loses its designation as a "planet", now to lumped in the new "dwarf planet" category along with Ceres and Eris.

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So, what do you say to that? This t-shirt imagines a world where Pluto can talk back. That's right, Pluto, the world is not fair.

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dakalvia: #pluto_replies I totally agree with the James Pluto comments...."You're Beautiful" Pluto Feb 6, 07
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Erik: #pluto_replies ...oh ya, and change his name to James Pluto. Feb 3, 07
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Erik: #pluto_replies I know, that science is all about testable hypotheses, correctness, and consistency, but Pluto's downgrade was a serious blow to my psyche. I had a romantic notion of this small planet orbiting in its eccentric orbit, securing the outer reaches of our solar system. It is only 1/100th of a percent as massive as its nearest neighbor, Neptune, but it secured a place in at least 3/100th of a percent of my heart. I think James Blunt should re-release his song and rename it "Goodbye, my planet". Feb 3, 07
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