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Nintendo Power

Released July, 1988

Product Shot 1 The Pros:A great source for Nintendo related news. Not as biased as most company specific gaming magazines.

Nintendo Power is a monthly magazine about the Nintendo Console. It is one of the longest running magazines in the United States, with its first issue dating back to July/August 1988 spotlighting Super Mario Bros.

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Product Shot 2 2 for the NES. Nintendo Power was originally edited by "Fun Club" president , and avid gamer Howard Philips (who was the face of Nester in the monthly Howard and Nester comic feature). Starting in issue #211, Nintendo Power began featuring games for the Wii. Great information about upcoming games and in depth reviews.

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    A great source for Nintendo related news

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    Not as biased as most company specific gaming magazines


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Erik: #nintendo_power I looked it up on eBay. They are going for between $5 - $15 apiece. Not much more than the $3.50 price tag, but not bad. Mar 5, 07
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Whipdaddy: #nintendo_power Wow that cover brings back memories. I have the first 3 years of these magazines in mint condition.. I wonder if they are worth anything? Mar 5, 07
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dakalvia: #nintendo_power Nintendo Power rules! I didn't realize they still made this magazine. The bonus guide to Super Mario 3 was so great...especially because they gave all the possible puzzles in the memory game to get extra lives. Do they still have a listing of the top games? The last time I looked at this mag, they listed the top 25 for Super Nintendo, and top 10 for Game Boy (original) and top 10 for the regular original Nintendo. Tecmo Super Bowl all the way! Mar 5, 07
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Erik: #nintendo_power This was my first magazine subscription back in the day. Awesome add, silence omo. I have the first issue from 1988 and all of the issues from the first couple of years. Mar 4, 07
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