Moo Mixer

Although this seems like a novelty item, it's actually a great idea. At the push of a button you get intense stirring action to break up all those hot chocolate clumps after a cold day. The mixer is powerful enough to stir up even the most stubborn of syrups and powders, and has new spill resistant styling.

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The glass cup can be removed and is dishwasher safe.

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e13e7: #moo_mixer Ugh! Ipulse... Buying... GAH!

I must have these useless cups that are hard to watch and are not formal. Sep 21, 07
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pleasurecoach: #moo_mixer This is one of the greatest inventions! Must buy more! Aug 22, 07
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Omar: #moo_mixer So the picture of fancy swirling liquid is just there for marketing purposes. You're never actually going to SEE the swirls. Makes the whole thing almost pointless doesn't it? I thought the idea is to hypnotize yourself with the swirls and ponder deep thoughts. Dec 7, 06
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Amanie: #moo_mixer Ah, that should quell the skeptics! Dec 7, 06
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sharonna: #moo_mixer there's a lid! only a silly person would blend without covering the container. Dec 7, 06
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Omar: #moo_mixer My question is: is it REALLY spill resistant? I'd have to see it in action first. And what if you stick your hand in their by accident, whoops! there go your fingers! I'll stick with a spoon thank you very much. Plus, I like my cocoa shaken, not stirred. Nov 30, 06
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