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Lululemon reversible groove pant

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Maintains shape after washing. Fits great.

Lululemon is a Canadian company that makes comfortable and stylish athletic wear. This pant is made of quickdry material (86% nylon and 14% lycra) and is preshrunk. Another great feature of their products is that the colours do not fade with washings.
And for all you tall ladies who cannot find athletic wear that are long enough, these pants come in both regular and tall. Wait until you see your butt in these pants with its very flattering waist band!

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    Maintains shape after washing

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    Fits great


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scotiascrapper: #lululemon_reversible_groove_pant Absolutely love these pants. I was in Vancouver and picked up there. We don't have a Lululemon store where I live. I wish their website would start selling. I found a website that seems pretty good ... I bought a few lulu things there ... a wicked pair of shorts that I love.

www.LuluLemonSales.com Mar 15, 08
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J430Y: #lululemon_reversible_groove_pant So I went to lululemon and tried these pants on and they feel so good against your skin. Another thing about the pants that is not said above is that if you are too small for there sizes, as I am, they will taylor the pants for you for free. This sucked me in. Then I put the pants on and I had to have them. Mar 12, 07
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dakalvia: #lululemon_reversible_groove_pant As much as I don't understand Yoga, I do understand sweet comfortable pants....I am currently wearing Lululemon Men's Hiking Pants.....featuring the "hockey butt". These pants are super-lightweight, water-wicking, anti-wrinkle, and very stylish. I wear them to the office all the time. Feb 21, 07
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Amanie: #lululemon_reversible_groove_pant Seriously, lululemon has the greatest yoga-type wear. I haven't tried the Splendid gear, but I don't know if they beat out lulu, no matter what Oprah claims. Feb 20, 07
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Stylez: #lululemon_reversible_groove_pant These look great to work out in- I finally just started going back to the gym so I haven't needed "work out clothes" in a LONG time- I'm very embarrassed to tell you how long. Feb 20, 07
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