Honeybee Oolong Tea from Nepal

$15.00 Released July, 2006
While not organic certified, Honeybee™ is produced using totally traditional organic farming techniques. It exudes the aroma of the native Daphne bholua and Rhododendron plants. With a light and smooth liquor and a trace of honeysuckle flavor, this Oolong is distinctly different from the Chinese varieties.

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thesimpleleaf: #honeybee_oolong_tea_from_nepal This also makes a great iced tea. I recommend using the cold infusion method for preparing a truly delicious iced tea. In a pitcher, put 8 teaspoons of loose leaf tea. Add 4 glasses of ice cold water. Put the pitcher in the refrigerator and leave for about 6 hours. I do this at night, so the leaves infuse while I?m sleeping. If you sleep more than 6 hours (what??), it really doesn?t matter if the tea is left in there a couple extra hours! The next morning, strain the leaves, and serve over ice. You can sweeten with honey or sugar if you like. Voila! If you want more tea, use the simple ratio of 2 teaspoons of tea per 6 ounce glass (yes, all you astute tea drinkers - that?s double the amount you would use if making hot tea). Although I strongly encourage you to experiment with different teas to find your own tea sweet-spot! Sep 6, 06
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