Groundhog Day

$10.00 Released January, 1993

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Bill Murray cannot not be good. Unique plot.

Bill Murray shines in this classic comedy about a man who relives the same day over and over and over again. The famous day is Groundhog Day where Murray, portraying a disillusioned weatherman, has to cover the groundhog's winter prediction in a small town.

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As Murray realizes his destiny is to live the same day repeatedly, he starts to change and become a better person. He also finds love with his skeptical producer, played by a charming Andie MacDowell.

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    Bill Murray cannot not be good

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    Unique plot


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misterdestiny507: #groundhog_day It seems like Bill Murray is in a lot of movies where he learns a lesson and becomes a better person. Scrooged anyone? This is Silence, forgot to log in. Feb 6, 07
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Omar: #groundhog_day You can never get enough of Bill Murray's everyday man charm and deadpan humour. There should be a Bill Murray channel where all they do is alternate between Groundhog Day and Lost in Translation. On special occasions they can play Ghost Busters. But only the first one. And instead of commercials they'll just alternate headshots of Bill Murray for 2 minutes. Feb 2, 07
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Stylez: #groundhog_day so true Erik- so true Feb 2, 07
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Erik: #groundhog_day It's pretty good. Except they play it so damn much on TV, it's like Groundhog Day come to life. Meta! Feb 2, 07
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