$5.00 Released July, 2006
No, it's not 1987 and you're not at the pizza parlour. It's 2006 and you are playing Galaga on your Hi-Def plasma with your Xbox 360. Namco has re-released Galaga for Xbox Live Arcade for a modest $5. Although, Namco hasn't made any significant changes to the game, it does allow you to compete on the Live Leaderboards.

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Now, the question remains, do you go for a double-shooter or not?

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dakalvia: #galaga I must correct myself...there is a tie for the BEST VIDEO GAME OF ALL-TIME: TECMO SUPER BOWL is also the greatest game. I just read this bio on Bo Jackson in Wikipedia: and I include an excerpt that had me reeling with nostalgia: "Jackson's legend was further cemented in a most unlikely manner - a video game. His digital counterpart in Tecmo Super Bowl for the Nintendo Entertainment System, affectionally known as "Tecmo Bo" in the hardcore TB playing circuit, is the most lethal running back -- and arguably the most lethal football player -- in video game history. Easily capable of putting up 300-400 yards per game via his incredible speed and tackle-breaking ability, "Tecmo Bo" was a man to be feared. Jackson has commented that fans will often come up to him and regale him with stories not of his actual football feats, but rather memorable Tecmo Bowl plays." Aug 2, 06
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Erik: #galaga Looks like the leader has 1+ million points. The game on Xbox 360 is true to the original, so the playing field is fairly even. Read this. Aug 1, 06
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dakalvia: #galaga Galaga is the best video game of all time--BAR NONE. It would be impossible to convince me otherwise. If you are hardcore...NEVER go double-shooter....keep the mobility and dodging advantage of the single shooter. I have the NAMCO plug'n'play that features this incredible game. My high score is just over 90,000...I challenge anyone to beat that. Aug 1, 06
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