Franklin's Great Adventure


Product Shot 1Help Franklin, Bear, and Beaver as they learn from there mistakes and help people in their village, making friends along the way. Use any of the three characters and play through eight episodes. This game is targeted at young children and is filled with mini-games like tidying up your room, flying a kite, and sailing a boat down the stream.

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Relies heavily on the use of the DS stylus.

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SilenceOmo7: #franklin_s_great_adventure Super Mario has mini-games? Awesome. Feb 26, 07
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HaveSomeArugula: #franklin_s_great_adventure I bought this a month or so ago for my five year old. It's a cute kid's game - and some of the levels are quiet challenging for that age group (it also has some written instructions that an adult may have to help with). I'm not a huge gamer but it kind of reminds me of the original Super Mario in that the character trucks along and goes into different mini-games and has to collect stuff along the way, only this is a scaled down rendition for young kids. I have seen some negative reviews that look like they've been written by much older kids and, well, of course you finished it in 40 minutes, the fact that it's based on a kid's show directed to 4-7 year olds should have been a clue. : ) Feb 25, 07
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SilenceOmo7: #franklin_s_great_adventure I don't know, I would assume its a top down adventure. Can't be sure though, because the game isn't out yet (a screw up on my part). Lets just hope it gets released and not shot down (like Black & White DS was). It's already released in Europe though. Feb 2, 07
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Omar: #franklin_s_great_adventure How does this game even play? I tried to find more information as to what kind of game this is, and it's impossible! Is it a 2D side scroller? Top down? Platformer? I couldn't even find any screenshots. Very strange. Jan 17, 07
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