D-Box GP-100

D-Box is a Canadian company that specializes in motion controller chairs that aim to make movie watching a more immersing experience. D-Box is now taking their expertise in motion control and applying it to the video game realm.

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The result is the GP-100. Feel all the bumps and grinds of your racing games with the full racing chair hooked up to your PC. The chair was demoed at the 2007 CES, but full retail release plans are unspecified, apart from the price tag of $15,000. Most likely the chairs will only be made to special order.

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Anonymous: #d_box_gp_100 Hell i could buy a real car w 15k. Jun 15, 16
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Racer Sim
Racer Sim: #d_box_gp_100 Ok, this a REALLY a great system, hands down, NO QUESTION. However, $15,000 it is WAY out of my disposable income range.

How about selling the components?

I would like to buy the frame, then put in my own bucket seat and my G25 wheel and pedals. I don't need the rest of it.

How much for the tube frame?

I am currently looking at building a frame, but yours looks sleek and more professional than what I am planning to build.

So how about it? Want to get your market a little bit at a time? Maybe I could upgrade later....

Thanks! Nov 5, 08
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Omar: #d_box_gp_100 It would almost be cheaper to buy one of those Daytona Arcade racing games, and you'd be able to get multiple cabinets as well. $15,000 is a lot of moola! You should see the video of the Force Dynamics Pro in the videos article. That thing could hurt someone bad. Jan 24, 07
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SilenceOmo7: #d_box_gp_100 I hear ya. Somehow I don't think I'm gonna make 15,000 dollars in the near future. Jan 23, 07
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ruthers: #d_box_gp_100 This thing is soooo cool! Wow! I wish I could afford one! Jan 23, 07
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