Chinese Food Erasers


Product Shot 1Yum! These are the cutest erasers ever ever ever! So intricate and detailed. Just look at the teeny tiny chopsticks in a cup! Who ever thought an eraser could be so much fun? You won't be able to stop looking at them, playing with them, loving them.

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At least, I can't! 7 erasers in this set, plus 4 sets of chopsticks (tee hee). Erasers come apart and go back together like little puzzles. Sigh.

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malcolm150: #chinese_food_erasers I have some of these, i like them but they dont work as well as i had hoped. Jun 7, 08
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SilenceOmo7: #chinese_food_erasers Your saying these things are erasers!? O man, I bought like ten so I would have some food for Y2K. Good thing that didn't go through, eh (darn media and there doomsday theorys). Nov 15, 06
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Erik: #chinese_food_erasers What do you mean? ...chomp..chomp.. It tastes edible to me. Nov 15, 06
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Omar: #chinese_food_erasers At first I thought this was chinese food in the shape of erasers, and with the texture/consistency of an eraser. Though when you think about it, rubber IS edible, so I guess I wasn't that far off. *note: I don't actually know if rubber is edible, so don't go eating it and kill yourself. Nov 15, 06
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