Battlestar Galactica


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Omar: So I started watching #battlestar_galactica on Netflix, and overall I have to admit it's pretty good. It's definitely got a "dark" and "gritty" vibe to it, which I think they go a bit too overboard with, but I'm enjoying it. I can see how people that are really into the series would be really really into it as there's quite a deep mythos in the whole thing.

Edward James Olmos really bothers me as a captain. Mar 9, 11
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  • Omar

    Omar: The people that I know who watch Fringe really like it. I've never seen it myself. Mar 10, 11

  • Yale

    Yale: Firefly? Star Trek? I tried Fringe but lost interest. I've heard it gets good too, after season 1. Mar 10, 11

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