Bat Out Of Hell III: The Monster Is Loose

$10.00 Released October, 2006
Just in time for Halloween comes Meat Loaf's long awaited 3rd installment in the "Bat Out of Hell" series. Meat Loaf's original right-hand-man songwriter Jim Steinman writes many of the songs. Expect a number of painfully heroic, tragic, love songs in line with the "Beauty and the Beast" Meat Loaf motif.

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The title track "The Monster is Loose" was leaked on the Internet several months ago and is available for download on Meat Loaf's MySpace page.

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dakalvia: #bat_out_of_hell_iii_the_monster_is_loose in the SEARCH tool at the top of this page...type in "meatloaf" and hit search...TRUST ME IT IS WORTH IT! Nov 7, 06
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dakalvia: #bat_out_of_hell_iii_the_monster_is_loose where is my photo...i uploaded it...dont see it......BREAKIN OUT OF MA BODY AND FLYIN" AWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY Nov 3, 06
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dakalvia: #bat_out_of_hell_iii_the_monster_is_loose BAM! THE MONSTER IS LOOOOOOOOOOOOOSE!!!!! This is great. I love the original Bat out of Hell so is my gospel. I sing out loud--very loud--to each and every song on the original...often writhing on the ground in a passionate fury that only Meatloaf can bring out of me. Refer to the attached photo of myself--caught in the act in a Montreal hotel room, just catching a glimpse of a Meatloaf video montage. I leave you with the words I was screaming: "And the last thing I see is my heart. Still beating, still beating, Breaking out of my body and flying away, Like a bat out of hell. Like a bat out of hell. Like a bat out of hell. Oh like a bat out of hell! Oh like a bat out of hell! Like a bat out of hell!" Nov 3, 06
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Erik: #bat_out_of_hell_iii_the_monster_is_loose Oh man, the title track is absolutely horrible. Meat Loaf goes hardcore. Oct 31, 06
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Amanie: #bat_out_of_hell_iii_the_monster_is_loose Bat out of Hell was such a great album, I'm really anxious to hear this 3rd installment. Oct 31, 06
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