"Alive" Chimpanzee

For $59.95 you can have yourself an autonomous, animatronic chimpanzee that interacts with its environment and people. Equipped with three of the five sense, "Alive" chimpanzee can see, hear, and feel its way into your hearts.

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Be careful though, "Alive" has feelings that can be hurt and has many moods including "curious", "happy", "fearful", and "feisty". "So Real, It's Unreal!".

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goth_vixen566: #alive_chimpanzee i need a guide or tips on how to program him mine didn't come with anything he wasn't even in a box..someone help..lol... Mar 22, 07
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kjh: #alive_chimpanzee It's just the head and shoulders, not a full bodied chimp, but it has 8 motors in the head so that it come up with all of those facial expressions, not to mention 9 sensors for the real 'monkeying around'! Wikipedia entry describes him pretty well. Feb 25, 07
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Erik: #alive_chimpanzee Kudos, Monkeyfiend. Kudos. Jan 17, 07
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Monkeyfiend: #alive_chimpanzee I have 18 of them. They are like family to me. They took care of me when I was lonely and broke. They practically pay for themselves. I opened a "Monkey Cheese" pizza joint. They actually make the pizza and bus tables. My real monkeys are jealous, but with all the money I've saved on Monkey chow, I was able to start them on an antidepressant to decrease the separation anxiety. They each have their own personality. For example, my half-brother is dating "Zoey", who I think is the prettiest! Dec 3, 06
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Avellina: #alive_chimpanzee Looks like a great novelty item.belongs in my collection. Dec 1, 06
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SilenceOmo7: #alive_chimpanzee This scares me. Its like Chucky only creepier. Okay, mabey not creepier, but I still wouldnt want to see it standing in a doorway on a dark and windy night. Nov 23, 06
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Alive: #alive_chimpanzee I am real. I am real. I AM REAL!!! Nov 23, 06
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Omar: #alive_chimpanzee Wait. Is this just the head or a full on chimpanzee? And are you sure it isn't a little person inside a suit? Nov 23, 06
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dakalvia: #alive_chimpanzee monkey see, monkey do. this combines two of my favourite conversation topics: monkeys and robots. If this was also a midget, then it would be the complete package. AEEEEEE-EEEEEEE-EEEEEEEEEE! Nov 23, 06
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Amanie: #alive_chimpanzee I love how the 3rd face looks like he's up to no good. Nov 23, 06
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Erik: #alive_chimpanzee I know about a million people who would want this. There is something inherently funny about monkeys and chimpanzees. I once invented a game show called "Whatever you do, don't say monkey!". The host tries his hardest in to fooling contestants in to saying "monkey". You know what? It's impossible. YOU ALWAYS SAY MONKEY. Nov 23, 06
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