Aero Garden

Space just got a little bit closer to home. This Nasa-approved 'garden' simply uses water and air - no dirt - to grow the seeds. Luckily, this high-tech device is completely automated, making it virtually impossible not to grow the herbs and vegetables.

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The lights turn on and off automatically throughout the day, nutrient delivery to the plant is also automatically adjusted, and if you're running low on either the water or the nutrients, the pod alerts you to refill. It seems that the future has just arrived.

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offdoodykcrn: #aero_garden Hydro = water
Aero = air
Similar, but not synonymous. Who wouldn't want to grow their own regenerating salad? I just can't bring myself to spend that much on molded plastic, a plant grow light and a timed misting system. If I had the time (and skill), I would build one - perhaps not quite as aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but it has a shot at working. It appears the real key to success is the nutrient tablets. All I can find so far is that it's mostly mineral salts (see 'Periodic Table') & maybe some seaweed. Not only are they specific to the system, but you're only supposed to use the nutrient tablets that are designed to work each particular seed kit. Nobel Prize worthy for ending world hunger if they could make it a bit more ?all-purpose?, but I suppose they are satisfied with just making a ton of money off a good idea and cute packaging. Mar 16, 08
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mikeclark797: #aero_garden cool product I have one in my office. I also have larger hydro systems in my green houses. As far as the pods, you can make them, they have a master gardener kit for that. the nutrients are pretty good also and at a good price. its what a 20.00 investment once every 12 months. but I have used the systems with hydro nutrients I get from other places. Interestingly I have been building hydro pods like this (of my own design) for some time, but they are not so neatly contained. so I could never put one on my desk. since even small systems run 200+ for this sort of thing, without the lights this is a good value. May 13, 07
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thesimpleleaf: #aero_garden Hmm...hydroponics, herbs...I think I know what some people might use this for :) Very cool though! Sep 26, 06
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gustador: #aero_garden This sounds like a great product, but hydroponics has been around for a long time. Do a search on hydroponics and you can see many systems (and a few you can make on your own) that will fit your need. I like this item, but to buy proprietary pods and nutrients will keep you stuck with this system. Sep 24, 06
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SilenceOmo7: #aero_garden How do you know the food we eat now isn't doing crazy stuff to our insides ("cough" McDonalds"cough"). Sep 22, 06
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Amanie: #aero_garden Agreed! My only concern is that in 20 years from now we'll learn that the plants grown in this environment do something crazy to your insides. Sep 22, 06
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Omar: #aero_garden This is the greatest invention of all time. Sep 22, 06
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